Caravan Servicing

Listed below is what we can carry out on yourFull Service.

  • Check and Lubricate all Doors and Locks
  • Check and Lubricate Corner Stabilizer's
  • Check for Moisture and Sealing Condition
  • Check Condition of Anode in Hot Water Service
  • Check for Water Leaks and Hose Condition
  • Check for Gas Leaks on All Appliances and Test
  • Check and Lubricate Window Winders and Hatches
  • Clean Air Conditioner Filter and Check for Correct Operation
  • Inspect Brakes, Remove Brake Dust, Adjust & Advise on Condition
  • Check Condition of Wheel Bearings and Re-pack with Grease
  • Check and Adjust Operation of Handbrake
  • Check Tyre Condition and Tyre Pressure
  • Check and Re-Grease Suspension
  • Check Chassis for any Cracks or Damage
  • Check Coupling Operation and Bolt Tension
  • Check Safety Chains
  • Check and Grease Jockey Wheel
  • Check and Secure any Hoses or Wiring Under Caravan
  • Check all Lights for Correct Operation and Condition
  • Check Battery Connection and Condition

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